Clean Eating For Always!

March 05, 2018

Clean Eating For Always!

Hey everyone!

The clean eating plan is still going strong even though the original plan was to do it for the month of February. That's why my post is so late. Because I forgot to end it because super clean eating feels so natural! It's got me feeling so good that I'm going to keep going!

Did you see the pic of my new Garmin sports watch! I'm no Olympian believe me, but this thing tracks me like I am one! Whether I'm walking, doing circuit or hot pilates, it tracks everything I do and I love looking back at the stats. Tells me when to move too! Grumble! This post pic is down by Freshwater pool btw - beautiful isn't it!

I promised to tell you about hot pilates in my last blog. I really enjoy it. Inferno Pilates is a full body, low impact, high intensity interval training class. They say you can burn 500 calories in one class! It gets darn hot in that class, but I reckon it's worth it.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is my weight loss. I've lost about 4kg in 4 weeks and am keen to keep going. You never know, once I reach my goal weight, you might even get to see a before and after pic of me!

Anyway, it's bye for now, but I'll definitely keep you updated on my progress every now and then. Stay strong and eat clean! (o:

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