Did I Survive The Weekend????

February 04, 2018

Did I Survive The Weekend????

DAY 4 - Gym's That Attack!

Okay, so this was the first weekend on my detox. I was worried. Why? I'll tell you why. Because every Friday around 5pm for as long as I can remember, I'd pour myself a lovely glass of white wine or rose, sit on the deck and watch the world go by. With my favourite snack in a bowl, I was in some sort of bliss. That's everyone's end of week bliss isn't it? What else do you do to relax after the working week is over? I'd love to know.

Friday late afternoon, I start getting nervous. Almost wine o'clock.... geeeeez really???? Well anyways... long story short. I didn't drink any alcohol, have been exercising every day whether it's gym class or walking, and have been eating clean.

Also, by the way, have you ever heard of gyms that attack? One attacked me! Slipped on one of the machines and hit my head - ouch!

I've already started feeling better with only a mild headache (not due to the gym injury!) as the toxins begin to escape. My skin is clearer and I don't look bloated.

What am I drinking instead? Fresh lime juice and sparkling mineral water or homemade Kombucha.

Sometimes I feel like a red wine, like on Saturday night, but I stick to my 'good for me' drinks and eventually the wine goes out of my mind.

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