Our Story

This is the story of two friends that wanted to change the world. Just like the little girl that dreams of ponies and princesses, and the little boy that thinks he can fly. Their dream was to take daily nourishment and keep it real. Always, no matter what, real food with real ingredients.

Leanne has a passion for healthy eating and knows a lot about how foods can contribute to your health - AND SHE KEEPS IT REAL! Real foods that you can actually see! "We all get off track every now and then, so I recommend sticking to wholefoods as much as possible in your everyday life. When the time comes to indulge, the naughty things won't hit so hard. Take the time to eat well NOW, and your efforts will pay off in the long run." Leanne lives by this and always feels healthy and vibrant.

Jane has a love for fitness - she's the kind of gal that swims in the ocean all year round, and runs up the beach rain, hail or shine. With her love of cooking food that nourishes the soul and cultivates a healthy lifestyle, she's our head chef and idea executer. Jane wants to help cultivate a healthy lifestyle for you! We all do.

Leanne and Jane aim to enable busy people like you to access healthy foods that taste great, are easy to prepare, and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Together these two friends are Healthy Urban Blends.